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Premium Towing & Roadside Assistance Solutions 24/7

Welcome to the Easy Towing emergency towing services. Our emergency towing & roadside assistance solutions are available across Sacramento & Elk Grove. We are a local company, and as such we offer our services to the city and its immediate area, 24/7. Throughout our years of providing towing and roadside assistance solutions, we’ve accumulated a local loyal and satisfied clientele. How? We maintain 24/7 availability for our customers throughout the entire year, whether it is day or night, weekend or a holiday – our customers can always count on us to take their call. So if your vehicle gives you a hard time in the area of our beloved city, you can call us and we will arrive shortly to assist you.

Don’t Wait Too Long

At Easy Towing we believe that our customers shouldn’t wait too long for towing services or for roadside assistance solutions. We and our affiliate network of towing technicians make sure to be always updated with the city’s roads, shortcuts, and rush hours, and how to avoid traffic. We’re confident in our navigation skills and are familiar with the city like the back of our hand. We always strive to be at your location as soon as possible.

Professional Roadside Assistance

We understand that in most cases you will prefer to keep on driving your car in order to get to your destination as quickly as possible. Therefore, the technicians we cooperate with are trained and licensed to fix car problems on site. If it is possible, your trouble will be taken care of immediately rather than having your car towed to the shop.
We have years of experience in vehicle mechanics, and you can be sure they will do everything they can to get you back on the road. In addition to our experience, and regardless of it, we go through periodic training a few times a year so we can stay on top of things.

Various Towing Services

Even though we do our best to fix things on site, in some cases there will be no way to avoid towing the car to the shop for further treatment. Once all options were exhausted and your vehicle is still inoperable or unsafe to drive, we will provide you with towing services.
We & our affiliate network of independent, licensed tow truck drivers perform all types of towing services to accommodate different types of vehicles and needs, but always with caution and care, so no further damage will be caused to your vehicle.

Other Solutions

Among our roadside assistance services our customers enjoy:

Among our towing services our customers enjoy:

For professional roadside and towing services, call Easy Towing at (916) 588-3060.