Flatbed Towing In Sacramento & Elk Grove

Easy Towing provides towing services for all kinds of vehicles in the Sacramento & Elk Grove, CA area. The company is licensed and only works with certified towing operators. In order to provide a timely response to all calls, Easy Towing has teams working around the clock. Easy Towing’s prices are very competitive, and we will happily give you a price estimate over the phone with no hidden fees.
As soon as we receive a call and have all the necessary information, a team is dispatched to the call’s location in our service areas, Sacramento or Elk Grove. We strive to reach all calls as quickly as possible; of course, our arrival time depends on the traffic in the area at the time of the call.

Premium Flatbed Towing Solutions

Easy Towing offers a number of different towing options, including flatbed towing.
Flatbed tow trucks are open trucks that have a long flat body. This type of tow truck is used to transport smaller vehicles on the special flatbed. The towing operator safely places the vehicle on the flatbed and then fixes it in place ensuring that none of its wheels can turn.
The advantage of this type of towing is that it saves wear and tear on the vehicle’s tires and on other parts of the car that are used when the car is on its wheels. If a car is being towed a long distance it is highly recommended that it be transported on a flatbed tow truck.
Besides being a safe option for your vehicle using a flatbed truck has other advantages over other kinds of tow trucks, for example, it is suitable for carrying different types of vehicles, including different types of cars, SUVs, boats, motorcycles and more. Also, they can tow more than one vehicle at a time.
Another advantage of using a flatbed tow truck is when transporting vehicles that have been involved in accidents and cannot move. They can be loaded onto the flatbed and tied down.
Towing operators can easily load vehicles onto the flatbed as it can be lowered down to the level of the ground and the towed vehicle can be driven or pushed onto the bed. These trucks are also fitted with a winch which can be attached to the vehicle and pull it onto the truck bed.
Easy Towing’s experienced tow truck operators know how to safely secure all vehicles onto a flatbed tow truck, no matter the size or weight of the vehicle, and are happy to transport any type of vehicle.

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