Emergency Tools Every Driver Should Keep in The Car

There are two types of people – those who worry and those who don’t. Worrying is not usually considered a positive trait, but in this case, it is. When it comes to their cars, those who worry are usually prepared for any scenario. They have thought of it all – blocked roads, changed routes, torn tires, floods, the works. It may not sound very positive, but the one good thing that comes out of this is that they usually equip their cars with all the tools they will need to survive in any situation.

Let’s assume that you aren’t a worrier. Do you have any tools or supplies in your car that you can use in an emergency? If not, it’s time to prepare your car. What for? You may ask. Well, you can never know ……

The type of emergency tools you’ll need in your car depends on a couple of different circumstances – where you are (weather conditions, etc.) and what you use your car for (if you only use it to carpool to the local school and to do your shopping you will probably need less equipment).

Here’s our list of the tools we think should be in your car at all times, but of course, this is a general list which every driver can tailor to their own needs.

Spare Tire – today most people don’t change their own tires, they order roadside assistance. However, once the company gets there they will need your spare tire, which must be ready for use, so make sure it’s in good condition and always ready to go. While on the subject, you should always keep a tire iron and a jack in the car, even if you aren’t expecting to change the tire yourself.

Jumper Cables – again, most people will call for roadside assistance when they need a jumpstart, but it is always good to have jumper cables in the car, or even an emergency battery booster.

Flashlight (and don’t forget some extra batteries) – for if you’re stuck in the dark and you need to flag down another car or if you want to change a tire.

A Tool Kit – will come in handy and can be used to repair or tighten many parts in the car.

Reflectors – being stuck out on the roads can be dangerous and it is very important to use reflectors to warn other cars that you are there. And, while you’re at it it’s important to always keep a reflective safety vest in the car for such instances.

Pliers – always have a set of different kinds of pliers handy in your car for gripping and moving small objects.

Multi-tool – these will help you with a bunch of jobs you may need to do while waiting for help.

Small Fire Extinguisher – you never know when you may need it.

Tire Chains – if you live or are driving in an area with lots of snow or ice.

Water – keep about 3 gallons in your car at all times, for drinking, cleaning or for pouring into your cooling system.

Other useful tools that should be kept in your car at all times

A first aid kit

Phone charger and/or external battery


Tissues and wet wipes

Hand sanitizer

Spare money (keep well hidden)

And, some might argue that this should be number 1 on the list – the telephone number of a trusted local towing and roadside assistance company.