Premium Heavy-Duty Tow Truck Services in Sacramento and Elk Grove

Drivers in Sacramento and Elk Grove, CA, including drivers of heavy-duty vehicles, can rest easy knowing that if they run into any roadside woes, Easy Towing will be there for them. The well-established, local towing company boasts a range of tow trucks for all kinds of vehicles, including heavy-duty tow trucks, as well as wonderful, qualified tow truck operators who are always ready to assist the local drivers.

Easy Towing is a fully licensed company that provides a wide range of roadside assistance services for all types and sizes of vehicles in Sacramento and Elk Grove, CA., including local and long-distance towing services, a full range of towing services, tire changes, battery replacements, and much more.

In order to attend to every customer when they need us, we make sure to have teams of tow truck operators on duty around the clock, every day of the year. We also strive to reach every call in as quick a time as possible, although our arrival times always depend on the traffic in the area.

You might be wondering how much our speedy service costs, and we have to say that our prices are very affordable. We will happily give you a free price quote when you call us for service.

24/7 Heavy Duty Service by PROS!

Easy Towing provides heavy duty towing services for all types of buses, concrete transport trucks, mobile cranes, dump trucks, garbage trucks, log carriers, refrigerator trucks, tractors, tank trucks, motor homes, heavy equipment, are more.

We work with teams of extremely reliable and efficient expert tow truck operators who have the necessary training and experience to ensure that your equipment it cared for in an optimal way, right from pick up until the end of transportation.

Our operators will take care of your equipment and make sure that it reaches its destination in a timely manner. We understand the urgency of getting your work equipment to where it needs to be when you need it there. Our operators will coordinate the tow with you, whether you need your heavy equipment at a worksite, a distant location or it needs to go in for repairs.

Easy Towing: Wide Range of Services

The following are the full range of services provided to our Sacramento and Elk Grove customers:

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