How To Increase Car Security?

After your home, your car is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make. Cars can be fun, but for the most part, they are very useful and expensive tools, that serve their owners on a daily basis. Car owners put a lot of time and thought into their car. Even before they buy a car they research the best one for their needs and budget. Once they have their car they make sure to keep it well maintained so it will run smoothly and continue to serve them.

A very important thing that car owners today have to take into consideration when they buy a new car is security. As the numbers or car break-ins and thefts increased in the United States so did the security measures needed. Fortunately, these measures are doing their job well and have been deterring car thefts, showing a decrease in this crime over the years.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can increase your car security.

Take Good Care Of Your Keys

Know where your car keys are at all times; don’t leave them lying around while you’re at work, in a shop or even at home. You never know who has noticed them, and once they fall into the wrong hands it won’t take long for the thief to find your car.

Watch Where You Park

If you have a garage that locks at home make sure you park in it when you are at home, even if you think you’re only going to be there for a short time. If you have to leave your car outside your house make sure that the space you use is well lit and if possible install a camera, which will help prevent theft. And, if it doesn’t, at least you will have footage of the thief.

When parking away from home always try to park in well-lit places that have some security and pedestrian traffic.

Remove Expensive Items From Your Car

Don’t leave any expensive items, such as your smartphone, a laptop or tablet, or any eye-catching shopping bags in your car. The same goes for money.  Never leave any money on view in your car, even if it is only some small change. This is a huge invitation to thieves.

If you can’t take any of these items with you make sure to hide them out of sight when you leave your car.

Have An Alarm System Installed In Your Car

Today, most insurance companies require that all insured cars have an alarm system installed in them.  Even if you are not required to do so, installing an anti-theft device can be a great help at discouraging thieves and it will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Install An Immobilizer

Most modern cars come fitted with immobilizers but if yours doesn’t have one, it’s worth investing in one.  This will make sure your engine won’t switch on until you use your transponder key. Just make sure that you keep your transponder key safe at all times.

Have A Tracker Installed In Your Car

It’s well worth having a tracker installed in your car. These small devices that send GPS signals which relay the location of your car to the authorities might make all the difference when it comes to getting your stolen car back.

Drive safely and don’t forget to double check that you’ve locked your car!

We hope that Easy Towing’s safety tips will help you keep your car safe in Sacramento and Elk Grove, CA.