Locked Out of Your Car? Call Us!

Getting locked out of your car is extremely frustrating.  If this has happened to you, remember that we at Easy Towing are here for you; we can get you back in your car quicker than you’d think possible.  And to top this off, our rates are among the lowest you can find.
Our car lockout service, like all our other services, is available 24/7. There’s no type of car lockout situation we cannot solve!
We guarantee to get to any location within the greater Sacramento area.

24/7 Availability, Faster Than the Speed of Light

Car lockout situations may occur under different circumstances. Whether you’ve accidentally locked your car keys in the trunk, left them in the passenger compartment, somehow lost them, or if they got stolen along with your handbag, The result is the same, you find yourself standing next to a locked vehicle, unable to gain access, get behind the wheel and drive off as, only moments ago, you were so sure you’ll be doing.
If you find yourself in a car lockout-type situation, you want to be able to call in someone who can sort the whole thing out for you ASAP. If you are in or anywhere around Sacramento, calling us at Easy Towing for assistance is your best choice. We operate nonstop, so you can be sure we can respond to your call immediately. We guarantee to be at your place as soon as possible at any location within the greater Sacramento area.

Highly Professional

At Easy Towing of Sacramento, when you call on us to provide you with the car lockout service you need, you can be sure that you’ll get the best possible service. One of our service vans will be at your side within minutes. We will immediately proceed to solve the situation for you in the most professional manner. We’ll have you back behind the wheel quicker than you dared hope for. On top of all this, you’ll find that our rates are extremely competitive.
Our top-class car lockout service is just one of the services we offer. We provide Sacramento’s motoring community with comprehensive towing and roadside assistance services such as: