Tips That’ll Help You Secure Your Motor-home

Travelling in a motorhome gives you lots of freedom like you never had before, but it doesn’t give you the freedom from responsibility. Owning a motorhome means having to keep it well maintained at all times and it also means that you must keep it secure.

Many people don’t give much thought to this before they purchase a motorhome, but as we’ve seen lately, the issue is getting more and more important, due to the increase in break-ins and theft of motorhomes in the USA.

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you keep your motorhome from becoming a target.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

Don’t leave your valuables where they can be see in your motorhome. Things like laptops, pocketbooks, wallets, etc. should all be kept out of sight and if possible take them with you when you leave the motorhome.


Have an alarm installed in your motorhome and make sure it’s on when you leave the motorhome, but don’t forget your code when you return.  You need an alarm to alert you when the door is opened and to scare off potential thieves. Don’t forget to use the alarm company stickers!

Locks And Keys

We understand that many motorhome manufacturers cut corners when it comes to locks and keys and this can compromise the security of your motorhome and your belongings. Manufacturers use the same key for different motorhomes, meaning that your neighbors may be able to open your motorhome with their keys.

Many motorhomes have insubstantial locks and this calls for break-ins. Today, lots of motorhome owners are replacing the original locks or installing extra locks on their motorhome windows and doors to ensure that it is more secure. Don’t forget the windows. It’s very easy to pull the windows out using a crowbar, for this reason there are new locking methods on sale that make opening motorhome windows much more difficult, and thieves can be deterred just by seeing that these are installed on the RV.

Lock Your Wheels

When you are parked in a camping ground or when you’re between travels and your motorhome is parked in its permanent site you can lock the wheels using a wheel clamp. This will definitely discourage thieves from stealing your motorhome, unless they want to do a lot of hard work removing the clamp. You can also purchase a steering wheel lock and a gear lock for some added security.

Don’t Park In Dark Places

Some places are considered prime places for thieves. These are places where motorhome drivers usually stop to run errands, for example – gas stations, banks, ATMS, convenience stores, supermarkets, etc.  When you do have to stop at these places, if possible don’t leave your motorhome unattended. If it’s not possible to leave somebody in the motorhome, make sure to take your valuables with you and make sure the windows and doors are secure. It only takes a couple of seconds for thieves to get in and out of an unlocked motorhome.

If you have to park and leave your motorhome in a parking lot, for example somewhere like Walmart, make sure that it’s in a well lit place where you know there is security.

Research Campgrounds

There are so many campgrounds to choose from. We recommend always staying at standard campgrounds that have the amenities you need because they are also well lit and have more security. Staying at a free campground may save money but it is also an open invitation to thieves. Read up online about the campgrounds you are planning to stay at and find out what they have to offer.

Permanent Parking

If you park your motorhome near your house while it isn’t in use you could consider installing a home security camera to keep an eye on it at all times. If it’s possible, it’s best to park it on your property and even better if it’s fenced in.

Track Your Motorhome

You can do everything in your means to deter criminals, but sometimes it just doesn’t help. That’s why many motorhome owners are now having trackers installed in their RVs. So, if your motorhome does get stolen the police can easily track and find it for you.