More Tips to Help Automobile Owners in Sacramento to Increase Car Security

There are many ways to increase car security other than relying on the standard automatic locked doors and windows already in place in the automobile. This is because the type of security these automatically locked doors and windows afford still depends on the automobile’s brand, make, and model. If a car model is old or a newly-acquired vehicle is secondhand, it is always better to err on the side of caution and avail of more stringent car security systems, or simply remember the oldest tricks in the book which we at Easy Towing will now remind you of with the aid of these following tips.
Following our last list of car security tips, here srea some more tips to help you

  1. Find a secure parking space and never forget to check your surroundings

    A deserted parking lot makes for the easiest and most convenient target for carnappers. If you think a parking lot is too sketchy or dark for your liking, then chances are it’s not safe to park your vehicle in. The rule of thumb when it comes to increasing car security is trusting your gut when it comes to things like parking spaces. Parking lots with many people parking their cars in, have adequate lighting, and also have CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity are good choices.

  2. Make sure valuables are hidden if you have to leave them inside the car

    As a general rule, you should never leave valuables inside your car! They’re tempting to carnappers especially when your car isn’t heavily tinted or has no tint at all. But when you absolutely have to, leave them in the glove compartment or stow something else on top of them such as a pillow or other non-valuable items (a jacket, perhaps?).

  3. Don’t forget to lock your car!

    Most drivers often neglect to do this, but sometimes merely locking the car is enough to deter carnappers from taking a chance to steal an inadvertently unlocked car door. If your car is an older model and doesn’t have an automatic lock function, make sure to double and triple-check that your door is locked before leaving your car unattended.

  4. Place unique identifiers/ markers on your car’s windows

    Lastly, you can never go wrong with identifying markers (such as car stickers!) placed on the rear window or at the sides of your windshield. Stickers or unique identifiers make a lost car easier to track and also act as a deterrent for carnappers from targeting a “marked” car. Carnappers usually go for the “generic-looking” cars because they’re not as easy to spot or track.
    If you want a subtler identifying marker, you can always placemarks on the body of your car using “invisible” ink through a UV pen.

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