What Are The Risks of Being A Tow Truck Driver?

Nobody will argue that tow truck drivers have a really difficult job. Tow companies have to be on duty 24/7, meaning that most drivers work shifts and very long hours. The physical aspect of the job can really take its toll on the driver, but that isn’t the only risk that tow truck drivers have to face.  Tow truck drivers have a very dangerous job; let’s take a look at some of the risks they have to face every day.

Driving A Tow Truck 

Yes, that’s the job – but have you ever really thought about it? The roads can be dangerous for any driver but imagine if you have to navigate busy roads which are in all sorts of poor conditions, in a heavy tow truck, whether you are towing another vehicle or not.

Add this to the fact that operators are on the roads of hours on end, which in itself poses a risk to all tow truck drivers, each and every day.

Weather Conditions

Most motorists find driving in bad weather difficult enough, especially in rain, hail, snow or on icy roads, and they aren’t even driving in a large vehicle with another vehicle attached to it. As drivers, we all need to be careful in bad weather conditions, so I’m sure you understand just how dangerous it can be for tow trucks drivers if they or another car skids on the slippery road, or loses control of their vehicle.

Other Drivers

Other drivers may be one of the biggest risks to tow truck operators who are out on the roads doing their jobs. In fact, many operators have lost their lives to other motorists. This is usually very challenging when picking up a vehicle that is stranded on a highway.

Placement of the tow truck is dangerous so they must place it in the safest place and way possible for other motorists, the customer and for themselves, but that still doesn’t mean that the operator is safe from being hit by a distracted, or even drunk, driver.

Even when all safety lights are on and the operator is wearing a safety vest there is no guarantee of safety from other drivers who fly along the highway, not slowing down or even moving over when they see the tow truck’s flashing lights.

Tow truck operators are very aware of this danger and they have to be constantly aware of their surroundings, which can be very difficult while they are doing their job.

So, the next time you see a tow truck on the side of the road, take extra care when passing it. Slow down and if possible move over to allow it plenty of space. Also, don’t forget that if they are there taking care of an accident that part of the road could be dangerous for you too.

Acts of Violence

Besides all the other risks that tow truck drivers have to contend with they also have the risk of angry drivers or vehicle owners who become violent.

Part of some tow truck drivers’ job is to tow vehicles that are being repossessed, and unfortunately, this has proved to be a risk to tow truck drivers.

Other drivers have been attacked and robbed on the job.

So, there you have it, the most common risks of being a tow truck driver. Even with all these risks, most operators you ask will say that they wouldn’t want any other job.